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29-10-2018 - 31-10-2018

Kinna Sturesson

myday-byday Promotionship

from Monday 29 to Wednesday 31 October 2018
window display days at myday-byday gallery in Rome,
in via Luca della Robbia 76
Gallery Hours: 10-13-30 / 15.30-19

with Swedish artist


Kinna Sturesson lives and works in the little town of Malmo?, in the south of Sweden. She runs her own workshop as a goldsmith and jewelry designer since 2001. The customers that come to her, often want her to make a special unique piece. Besides the custom made jewelry, she also makes different collections that often can be seen in exhibitions. Last year she was one of the participants in Artistar jewels 2018 in Milan, during the fashion week.
She sees jewelry everywhere in her environment, and likes to give the material a new meaning in a new context.
The LINE collection in brass is especially made for Mydaybyday Gallery. This collection is made in Kinna Sturesson’s summer cabin during her "Vacation". Inspired by the bull Ferdinand's horns and the spider web, behind the toilet house.
”My collections of jewelry carry their own stories and their own language. They come from different worlds, where they transform themselves in endless variations, as if they have a life of their own.”

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